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COVID Customer Policy


Escape games are an activity played by just your team and are highly-structured, where access and management of people can be easily controlled and risks to staff and customers minimised.  You won’t come into contact with any other players during your experience with us and this makes it a much safer environment than activities attended by large groups.

The safety of our customers and staff is our utmost priority and before reopening each game we carry out a complete risk assessment and make necessary adjustments to minimise infection risks. Things might look a little different when you next play an escape game with us, but we guarantee it will still be great fun and we can't wait to welcome you! Here are the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe so that you can enjoy your game knowing that it is COVID-secure.

Steps Taken for Your Safety
  1. Following Authoritative Guidance - History Mystery is a member of UK Hospitality, the national trade body for the leisure and hospitality sectors. They provide us with comprehensive guidance and support to help ensure that we have taken every recommended step to reopen our sites safely in line with COVID-secure guidelines.

  2. Visit Britain Certification - “We’re Good to Go” self-assessment is undertaken to demonstrate that we have effective COVID-secure adaptations and procedures in place.

  3. Team Sizes - Under Tier 2 regulations only players from the same household are permitted to play an indoor game together. Up to 6 individuals from any household can play our outdoor city games with social distancing. Contact us at hello@historymystery.games or 01603 327515 for alternative options for games over 6 players. Alternatively, you could try our play at home games, which are designed for up to 6 players at home together or via a video call.

  4. Social Distancing - We operate to a minimum of 1m+ and require all players to respect social distance guidelines throughout their experience with us. We have adapted games to ensure that social distancing can be achieved without impacting on your enjoyment. We are lucky to have some very spacious game rooms and where space allows, will encourage distancing of at least 2m between households and our staff. We have adequate signage in place to assist with social distancing and require you to follow all instructions given by staff as you enter, play and exit our sites to ensure everyone’s safety.

  5. Face Coverings - It is mandatory for all teams to wear face coverings in an escape game. You are required to arrive wearing face coverings and keep them on throughout your time with us, unless exempt from wearing a face covering. Please bring your own face covering as we are unable to supply them. Our staff will be wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing for the duration of their contact with you.

  6. Hand Sanitising - Please ensure you’ve washed your hands before arrival with us as we have no customer toilet facilities on site. Complimentary hand sanitiser will be provided at the start and end of our games. Hand-washing and sanitising have been proven to be much more effective than gloves to reduce the risk of transmission and players insisting on using gloves will also be required to sanitise them before use.

  7. Game and Prop Sanitising - We’ve adopted enhanced cleaning procedures and extra time between games to ensure game areas and props are fully sanitised between every game. We have multiple sets of props and will either clean them between each game or use a set that has been quarantined for at least 72 hours before reuse, meaning a fresh set of thoroughly cleaned props goes into each individual game. Built-in game props and contact points that cannot be removed from the room are also subject to cleaning between games. We have removed some items and made adaptations to some puzzles to reduce the numbers of contact points, without detracting from your enjoyment.

  8. General Venue Sanitising - Will be performed at regular intervals throughout the day for reception areas and other identified high-contact points around the venue. Our gamemasters are fully trained and have very strict procedures to follow to ensure their safety and that of our customers. We have fewer games on sale daily to give us more time to undertake our new cleaning procedures, therefore we recommend you book well in advance to secure your choice of game.

  9. Test & Trace - The rules of our games are sent out via email to the lead booker at the time of booking, with a reminder sent 48 hours in advance with everything you need to know for your game. Please ensure that everyone reads the rules carefully and completes their contact details ahead of arrival. Not only does this help with NHS Test & Trace, but also allows you to receive your all-important team photo! If there are any changes or amendments on the day our gamemaster can amend for you.

  10. Ventilation - Fresh air is the recommended means of changing air and we will open doors and windows between games. Thankfully our quirky draughty historic buildings we operate in actually work in our favour on this occasion!

  11. Staff and Customer Health - Our gamemasters undertake self-assessed health checks before starting work and we do not allow them to work if they display any COVID-related symptoms. Our game rules state that no person with COVID-related symptoms should enter our premises and also if you need to self isolate as a result of being in contact with an infected person then you should not attend your game. If fewer players are able to attend on the day, we offer a refund via gift voucher valid for two years for those unable to attend the game. Please contact our Customer Experience Team on 01603 327515 prior to your game to arrange this. 

  12. Arriving for Your Game - Please arrive at the exact time for your game and with your entire team. Unfortunately, we no longer have waiting areas available if you arrive early and don’t want you waiting outside in the unpredictable British weather! Our venues have designated areas to wait for your gamemaster, and they will find you at the start time of your game. We have strict timetables to follow to ensure the additional cleaning and safety procedures take place, so if you are late this could mean less time in the game.

  13. Customer Toilet Facilities - We’re sorry but we can no longer offer customer toilet facilities on site, so please ensure you have used other public facilities before you arrive. Your booking confirmation shows the nearest parking and facilities.

  14. Feedback Welcomed - We constantly review our policy to ensure it complies with the latest government guidelines. We always welcome feedback from players after your game as we constantly strive to improve our customer experience - therefore please don’t hesitate to let us know about how both your game experience and our new procedures lived up to your expectations.

  15. Rebooking a Game Postponed Due to COVID - If your game was postponed by us due to COVID closure and you were issued a gift voucher, if you find upon rebooking that there is a price difference please contact us (here) and we’ll get you rebooked at the price valid at the time of your original booking.

  16. Refunds and Reschedules - As per our booking terms and conditions, your game is a live event that is non-refundable if you decide to cancel, reduce players or fail to arrive in time for your booking. So you can book with peace of mind, our policy is temporarily amended where COVID illness or isolation is the cause. We already had very relaxed terms and conditions, and you can see below where we have made further adjustments.

Normal T&Cs
Cancellations or reschedules with MORE than 48 hours notice.
Free reschedule. Where a reschedule date cannot be specified, full refund given via a gift voucher valid for two years.
No change to normal terms & conditions.
Cancellations or reschedules with LESS than 48 hours notice.
Upon request, refund given via gift voucher valid for two years, less £30 late cancellation fee to cover staff costs as we prepare our staff rotas 48 hours in advance.
Refund automatically given via gift voucher valid for two years, less £15 late cancellation fee as a 50% contribution towards covering staff costs.
Partial refunds for fewer players attending.
No refunds given for fewer players attending.
Partial refund given via gift voucher valid for two years for each player unable to attend due to COVID illness or isolation. Our Customer Service team MUST be contacted prior to arrival at your game to request this.
Alternative Games

We’ve done everything we can to make our indoor games COVID-secure, but if you’re still not comfortable then why not play outdoors instead?  We totally understand that customers might feel a little uncertain about playing indoor escape games at the moment so we’ve got just the thing for you - our brand new outdoor escape game REVOLTING EARLS & BODY SNATCHING BISHOPS. Created by History Mystery and powered by City Escape Games, your team of up to six players can hit the picturesque streets of historic Norwich, finding clues and solving puzzles as you go, all at a suitable social distance of course! All you need is your fully charged phone, a comfortable pair of shoes and your sense of adventure! Click here to find out more about our awesome new historic city game.


NEW HISTORY MYSTERY AT HOME GAME - a thrilling World War II cut out and play at home game “MI9: EVADE & ESCAPE”. Find out more in the 'At Home' section of our website.

FAQs & Contacting Us

If you have any further questions check out the FAQ section in the menu above or contact us by email at hello@historymystery.games or call 01603 327515.