Indoor Escape Games

In amazing places steeped in history, you can race against the clock in escape games brought to life with unique true tales, hand-crafted into unforgettable experiences enjoyed by first-time players and expert escape gamers alike.

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at Castle Meadow

In a medieval street buried in the shadow of Norwich Castle, the City Historian has disappeared in hidden tunnels whilst hot on the trail of an ancient king's legendary burial site. Are you brave enough to rescue our hapless historian before tunnels collapse and you run out of air?

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at Blickling Church

Life in Tudor England is a constant struggle... In the church where the real-life Anne Boleyn worshipped, you must use all your guile and cunning to overcome the many obstacles in your path and get your daughter Anne to the altar, as the bride of King Henry the Eighth!

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at the Museum of Norwich

You’re trapped in the past with no money, facing the horrors of debtors’ prison. In Norwich’s largest medieval undercroft you have exactly one hour to discover the secrets of the city's prosperity and build your riches to survive the past and make it back to the present!

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at the Museum of Norwich

Do you have what it takes to get into the club where Saturday really happens? With exclusive, out-of-hours access to the museum, can you solve the puzzles that build the perfect Saturday night out, or will you be left alone on the dance floor when the lights come up?

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Everyone loves a puzzle, and playing our exhilarating escape games with family, friends or workmates is amazing fun. You’ll discover a whole new level of entertainment:

  • If you love escape games, you’ll love this unique twist on the game concept which adds richness, interest and depth to the gaming experience.

  • If you love history, you’ll find no better way to immerse yourself in real stories from the past whilst experiencing unique heritage locations.

  • If you’re looking for something great to do, give it a go, it’ll make a memorable day out or an evening of entertainment that you won’t stop talking about.