Play At Home Escape Games

A new series of exciting and challenging games to play in person or through videoconference. The mix of ingenious print and cut out puzzles plus rich online content brings thrilling moments from history to life, with you and your team of up to 6 players solving puzzles in the middle of all the action. 


Play at Home Game

You are a WWII allied airman forced to bail out in occupied Belgium. Luckily you’ve been trained to evade capture, with tools and techniques supplied by MI9, the wartime escape and evasion specialists. It's a long way across Europe to safety, who can you trust and can you make it out of danger before time runs out?


Play at Home Game

People rush past, voices cry out and the air is thick with acrid smoke; a fairly normal day for the City of London in the 17th century. However, today is 2nd September 1666 and things are about to really heat up in the bustling capital city. Can you raise the alarm in time to prevent the Great Fire of London from destroying everything?

History Mystery® creates fun and engaging games for heritage locations, visitor attractions and brands, contact us if you're interested.
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