A Global Xmas Escape Game



Santa needs your help! Around the world people celebrate Christmas in so many different ways that he can’t keep up. What should he give the people of a small Swedish town whose giant Yuletide straw goat keeps being set alight by arsonists? Can he remember where radishes are a vital part of the Christmas celebrations, and where they prefer fried chicken to turkey? And where are the batteries the people of The Gambia need for their procession of giant boats?

Your challenge is to explore Santa’s workshop and discover the secrets of the world’s most weird and wonderful Yuletide traditions. Only then can you unlock all the destinations Santa has to visit so he can take flight in time for Christmas!

An hour or so of festive fun the whole family will love, that you can play together via video call from wherever you live across the world.

Online Game
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  • You're emailed an online link to access the game from your computer or tablet.

  • You can choose instead to send the link to someone else as a gift.

  • Share access with other remote players.

  • Start the game online at any time.

  • Once you start the game you have up to 24 hours to complete it.


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Number of players:  2 to 8 players or groups sharing a computer, together or remote

Expected game duration:  45 to 75 minutes

Preparation time:  None! Just click a link, type your name and go.

You will need:  An internet connection with Firefox, Edge, Safari or Chrome (not Explorer).

Game play: It's all online, once transported to the game setting via the link, search around thoroughly for information and objects to help solve the puzzles that you'll find along the way.

Sharing : You can use any video call platform in a second window or device to share the experience. Your game is kept in sync and you can see what other players are doing.